Events & Activities

Guided Hike at Cedar Bluff

Saturday, October 20, noon-2pm

Location: Ferne Clyffe State Park, Cedar Bluff

Enjoy a fall hike at Cedar Bluff Natural Area, an annex of Ferne Clyffe State Park that features bluffs more than 50 feet tall, rocky overhangs, a shelter cave and dramatic views of southern Illinois’ fall colors from the crest of the bluff. 

For meeting place directions, call the Wetlands Center at 618-657-2064.

Van Tour in Cache River Watershed

Friday, October 26, various departure times

Location: Tunnel Hill State Trail Headquarters, Vienna, Illinois

Come along on a guided van tour for senior citizens and persons with physical limitations to enjoy the wildlife, native plants and fall color and share stories about the history and hydrology of the Cache River Watershed. The tour will explore a section of the Tunnel Hill State Trail between Vienna and Tunnel Hill

For departure times and required reservation, call the Wetlands Center at 618-657-2064.

Boo at the Slough 
Sunday, October 28, 1:00-3:30pm 
Location: Cache River Wetlands Center 
This program engages elementary to middle school age children on a guided trick-or-treat adventure through the Wetlands Center and along Egret Slough Trail. The 0.5-mile hike offers a chance for families to interact with misunderstood creatures of the swamp and to enjoy the magic of Halloween. Children are welcome to wear Halloween costumes. 

Questions, call the Wetlands Center at 618-657-2064.

Annual Christmas Bird Count

Monday, December 17, 6am-sunset

Location: Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge

This annual all-day census of early winter bird populations has been conducted by thousands of volunteers throughout the U.S. for more than 100 years, resulting in the longest-running database in ornithology. The Audubon Society and other organizations use data collected in this census to assess the health of bird populations; so, by participating, you’ll be making a tangible contribution to bird conservation efforts. All ages and skill levels welcome. 

Questions, call Cypress Creek at 618-634-2231.