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Antler Shed Hunting

Antler Shed Hunting

In the Cache Watershed, whitetail deer typically lose their antlers in late February through March. It's a time of year when few other traditional outdoor activities are conducted, so antler shed hunting makes a great excuse to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and potentially come home with some cool souvenirs, too!  

Antler Shed Hunting in the Cache Watershed

No special licenses or permits are necessary to hunt shed antlers, but there are various rules and regulations, depending on where you plan to hunt. On private property, you'll need the landowner's permission. It's always best to get this in writing and carry a copy with you while hunting, just in case.

On Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge, shed hunting is allowed in any areas that are public access. Collection is limited to four antlers per day. Antlers must be sheds; they cannot be collected if attached to a skull or piece of skull.

In the Cache River State Natural Area, shed hunting is allowed in most areas. There is no limit on the number of shed antlers which can be collected. Antler shed hunting is NOT allowed in areas designated as Nature Preserves, such as Heron Pond or Wildcat Bluff.

Antler shed hunting is not allowed in Illinois State Parks, such as Ferne Clyffe or Fort Massac.

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