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Mushroom Hunting

Mushroom Hunting

What could be more enjoyable than spending a few hours walking in the woods and coming home with the fixings for a great meal? The Cache Watershed is home to quite a number of edible mushroom species, several of which are easily identifiable with little danger of negative consequences! For tips on mushroom identification, hunting tips and techniques, recipes and more we highly recommend visiting our friends at

Hunting Mushrooms in the Cache Watershed

No special licenses or permits are necessary to hunt mushrooms, but there are various rules and regulations, depending on where you plan to hunt. On private property, you'll need the landowner's permission. It's always best to get this in writing and carry a copy with you while hunting, just in case.

On Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge, mushroom hunting is allowed in any areas that are public access. Collection is limited to one gallon of mushrooms per individual per day.

In the Cache River State Natural Area, mushroom hunting is allowed in most areas. There is no limit on the amount of mushrooms which can be collected. Collecting is not allowed in an area open to turkey hunting during turkey hunting hours (1/2 hr before sunrise until 1:00 pm).

Mushroom hunting is NOT allowed in areas designated as Nature Preserves, such as Heron Pond and Wildcat Bluff.

Mushroom hunting is allowed in Illinois State Parks (with the same restrictions as listed for Cache River State Natural Area).

No fungi collected on public lands in Illinois may be offered for sale.

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